• Message from Chairman

      • Revitalize the Vehicle Industry and Strive for Innovation and Breakthrough

        TTVMA is a big family of the vehicle industry and a major bridge between the vehicle industry and the government. Being the Chairman is both a responsibility and a mission. In the past six years, under the leadership of former Chairman, Mr. Tsay, as well as the joint efforts of all the Directors and Supervisors, the business affairs have been smoothly progressed and accordingly awarded by the Ministry of the Interior every year. I would like to express my heart-felt gratitude for his dedication. In recent, I have heard many suggestions from the industry on future development, including various industrial policies related to the future prospects of the vehicle industry, and how to enhance the added value of the entire industry. I believe that in the next few years, Taiwan’s vehicle industry will be able to blaze a trail of innovation in an environment where challenges and opportunities coexist.

        Global automotive market has been slowing down in recent years. Last year, affected by the U.S.-China trade war, the market has declined by 3.9%. Under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is estimated that there will be a sharp decline of more than 20% in 2020 by 20 million units. However, under the all-out efforts of the former chairman and related member companies, the preferential policy was passed by the government for the replacement of old automobiles and motorcycles with a reduction of excise tax at the end of 2015. As a result, the total sales of automobiles have risen since 2016, reaching more than 435,000 units each year and breaking the 10-year economic cycle of the automotive industry on average. The total sales of motorcycles increased rapidly as well, reaching a maximum of nearly 1 million units, a record high in 20 years.

        However, the rapid advancement of automobile technology is making traditional vehicle manufacturers face a "great change once in a century." In the future, the vehicle industry is bound to move towards electrification and intelligence. The Association will continue to reinforce communication with relevant government departments and bring in resources from all parties to assist in industrial transformation and upgrading. We hope to create a favorable development environment in terms of vehicle electrification and intelligence. On the one hand, we promote the government to provide incentives for R&D and local manufacturing; on the other hand, we strive to promote the establishment of related infrastructure by the industry and government; In addition, we also hope to build cross-industry cooperation and exchange platform for everyone to work together for Taiwan's vehicle industry. For this reason, everyone needs to make efforts to attain the following goals together:

        • Enhance the scale of the domestic vehicle market and continue to promote the sound development of the vehicle industry.
        • Cooperate with the government to join regional or bilateral free trade agreements in the future to strengthen the sustainable operation of the vehicle industry.
        • Intensify the technology, quality and cost competitiveness of domestic vehicle components manufacturers.

        Taiwan's vehicle industry must face international competition and endeavor to expand overseas markets. In view of that, the Association has been actively cooperating with the government to promote trade policies by assisting member manufacturers in organizing overseas exhibitions. Considering that Taiwan may negotiate and sign more BTA or FTA agreements in the future, it is both a threat and an opportunity for member manufacturers. The Association will work hard to help every member overcome difficulties and explore more overseas business opportunities.

  • Objective

    Insisting on the guideline of "Service, Expertise and Efficiency", we coordinate the relationship between fellow manufacturers, promote the common benefits of member companies, upgrade the technology of industry and enhance the international competitiveness.
      • Origin

        1. 1948

          Established in 1948, the Association was formerly called "Taiwan Transportation Equipment Manufacturers Association".

        2. 1955

          In 1955, it was re-named as "Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association" During the early days of Taiwan's restoration when the Association started its operation, everything had been laid waste and in urgent need for construction. The members were only including about 20 small processing factories and parts manufacturers.

        3. 2018

          In the wake of rapid development of domestic economy and gradual improvement of people's living standards, new types of factories have grown to the present level of about 600. In the meantime, the quality of products has also come up to the standards of advanced countries. It reflects the prosperity of Taiwan's vehicle industry.

    • Organization

    • Chairpersons

      • Chairperson : Mr. Wu-chao Chien(1948-1965)

        Chairman of Wu Shun Bicycle Works Inc.

      • Chairperson : Mr. Ching-ling Yen(1965~1981)

        Founding Chairman of Yulon Motor Co., Ltd.

      • Chairperson : Mrs. Vivian W. Yen(1981~1987)

        Chairwoman of Yulon Motor Co., Ltd.
        Chairwoman of China Motor Co., Ltd.

      • Chairperson : Mr. Gen-chiu Hsu(1987~1990)

        General Manager of China Motor Corp.

      • Chairperson : Mr. Shi-hui Hwang(1990~1993)

        Chairman of San Yang Industry Co., Ltd.
        Chairman of Chinchun Motor Co., Ltd.

      • Chairperson : Mr. Hsin-I Lin(1993~1999)

        General Manager/Vice-chairman of China Motor Corp.

      • Chairperson : Mr. Kenneth K.T. Yen(1999~2005)

        Vice-chairman of Yulon Motor Co., Ltd.
        Vice-chairman of China Motor Corp.

      • Chairperson : Mr. Yi-cheng Liu(2005~2008)

        Board Director of Yulon Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
        General Manager of Hua-Chuang Automobile Information Technical Center Co., Ltd.

      • Chairperson : Mr. Kuo-Rong Chen(2008~2014)

        General Manager/Vice-chairman of Yulon Motor Co., Ltd.

      • Chairperson : Mr. Wen-Rong Tsay(2014~2020)

        General Manager of Yulon Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
        General Manager of Luxgen Motor Co, Ltd.

      • Chairperson : Mr. Chen Chao Wen(2020~)

        President of China Motor Corporation.